Batman Utility Belt & Make It Wearable

3d printed Batfleck Belt Buckle, you can download the same file from

i've already made a cardboard belt last year

also in this video i tried out RFID protected slim wallet. you can go use the coupon code: KINOFF20 for 20% off

i3 printer
PLA filament
Primer, gold spray paint
- Black, red acrylic paint
Silver pen or marker

Update: YouTube Translate & Testing Live Stream

Help Me Translate
people from youtube told me half of my viewers are from non-english speaking countries, i should translate all my videos, so here i do a quick video telling you guys to help me translate, that's all. If you like to translate, feel free to credit yourself at the end, "translated by: yourname"

Testing Live Stream
testing Youtube LIVE... using iPhone 5s. The plan is to do some live show, so people can ask me question in real time & i show them how if i know the answer.

Power Rangers Helmet

Custom made hybrid Power Rangers which combined original Rangers & 2017 Rangers helmet design color-for a Italian fan film.

here's how i 3d print, putty, sand & paint the helmet. colors are based on client's design.

i3 printer
PLA filament
Wood filler
Sanding sponge
- Spray paint
- Sun Visor

Karambit from CS GO - CNC Plywood Prop

download template & cut plywood using x-carve CNC. i was planning to leave it in wood color with shellac finish, but then i changed my mind & painted it more like a CS Go case hardened karambit.

- 3mm Plywood (i bought 3mm plywood, but it its actual thickness around 4.7mm)

Guardians Of The Galaxy: Star-Lord Costume Mask DIY (2014)

how to become star-lord? make star-lord costume mask :)